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Brewing Storm
31 January 2011 @ 11:38 pm
one word: indescribable! 
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As experienced by a Yamapi fan :D
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Brewing Storm
13 December 2010 @ 12:44 pm
paging all YAMAPI-FANS taking a trip to my LJ for the sole reason that MY MOM happily offered to help anyone with the ticketing process for Yamapi's concerts in Hong Kong.

your replies to her comments goes straight to my inbox, and i cannot guarantee that she will realise that you've inquired of her. rest assured that i will get her to PM all of you individually, but do take note she is a full-time working and housekeeping mom AND i have very little memory storage, so a little patience is in order.

and really, i dont mind adding new friends, but i feel like im cheating you in the respect that you're under the impression that you're befriending the person you see in yamapi LJs but really, THAT'S MY MOM, not me. i am a 100% ARASHI fan (and proud of it) so adding me won't exactly benefit you unless you're really looking for a mutual friend.

that being said, you can just leave a comment to this post if you're looking for HER and i'll see to it that she gets back to you ASAP :)


sidenote: i really need to get my mom her own LJ, but at the moment there's only one computer in the house and logging in and out will be a hassle, so i will just have to wait til i get my own laptop~
Brewing Storm
12 November 2010 @ 10:17 pm
im thinking this needs a post by  itself, so here goes.

my mom is a huge YAMAPI fan (so much that her fandom constantly clashes with my fandom =_=) and as most not-so-internet-savvy-moms, she doesnt know how to operate livejournal, so i'll be sharing this account with her, as to allow her access to locked posts of her idol and to comment, but that's about it. this journal is still purely mine :)

SO, if you see me around NEWS or yamapi based communities, that would most probably be my mom.

she does not intrude on my fandom, i dont intrude on hers.

...or at least that's the way it should be, only SHE doesnt know.

a fair warning: never let your parent fangirl over a totally different fandom than yours. things happen.


do you know what a pain it is to make sure i delete all, well, inappropriate posts in the communities we both go to (eg: arama) lest she finds them? =_=

i gotta get her her own LJ account. but as of the moment, we only have one computer in the house and im too lazy to put up having to log off and log in all the time, so i shall wait til i get my own laptop~

so for the meantime, im gonna have to put up with her and make sure she doesnt find out how to read this journal ;D


*points at userpic* with the exception of this post, this userpic means it's my mom speaking ^^ she got tired of having my nino icon when all the other comments were all yamapi xD
Brewing Storm
03 January 2010 @ 02:41 pm
hello! just a short post~

just thought i'd point out that i dont use my livejournal for anything but commenting coz my life isnt nearly half as interesting as everyone's out there ^^ but feel free to add me as a friend :D

as for myself...
- im 100% female :D
- finishing high school
- hails from malaysia (that sock like thing somewhere in south east asia)
- Chinese (but im a failed one coz i cant read, write or speak any dialect to save my life xD)
- enjoys a good piece of fanfiction (coz they're hard to come by)
- the only thing that can drag me away from the screen is tennis, lure of bubble tea or shaved flavoured ice, good company, or a good book~

and the most important bit:

I am a 100% ARASHIan and PROUD OF IT
warning: an incredibly bias fangirl ;D

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